We Reduce Waste

We reduce Process Waste by digitising critical business processes to reduce process costs and increase process efficiencies.

We reduce Product Waste through our integrated marketplace that allow B2B partners to trade with each other, with advanced functionality to trade surplus inventory between them.

Selling New Surplus Inventory

Most trading businesses have a challenge managing surplus inventory. Our customers often have excess inventory on fast moving items as well as redundant inventory.
Using a combination of our DUNGBTLE MDM, DRM & MARKETPLACE modules, customers can easily list and sell their surplus.
They typically initiate physical inspection of the goods and, because our software allows the use of mobile devices, they also take pictures of the items for listing.

E-store content management

Managing the content on your e-store is normally very time consuming. This includes managing the product attributes and the pictures.

The DUNGBTLE MDM module can easily be configured to handle the attributes of your products and in one process maintain the product descriptions, attributes and pictures.

Item Data Cleaning

Many organisations’ master data quality impact it supply chains. It includes ordering of wrong materials, item duplications leading to surplus inventory and machine downtime.

A number of our customers are using the DUNGBTLE MDM to clean their master data. They create the template or fields they need to clean, define the steps to clean it and then initiate and manage the clean-up of the records.

Some of our customers have performed cleaning projects where 98% of the records had at least one change

Operational Reports

Using our DUNGBTLE DRM and its digitisation tools, customers are using it as a tool to digitise operational reports for remote locations. Instead of capturing reports on paper or on spreadsheets, the operational teams complete a pre-defined form, and the form then follows a step-by-step workflow to the correct people.

One of our customers is using it to capture shift reports for its drilling machines across Africa. Another customer performing PVC welds, is using it to capture quality assurance reports, including pictures, for work done in remote locations.

Inventory inspections

A common challenge for distributors and owners of inventory, is that poor product quality results in inventory write-offs and scrapping.

Our DUNGBTLE DRM module is used by a number of customers to perform physical inventory inspections, including taking pictures as part of the inspections.

Performing these inspections ensure that poor quality products are identified before it results in write-offs.

Buying Surplus Inventory

Our technology gives you peace of mind.
The DUNGBTLE MARKETPLACE has thousands of listed items at reduced prices. The overwhelming majority of items are new surplus items.

Equipment owners with an active fleet can reduce their operating costs by purchasing the new surplus from DUNGBTLE’S MARKETPLACE.

An additional inspection can be requested by the buyer and the seller can use mobile phones or tablets to effortlessly take pictures and display these pictures on the marketplace.